Looking for help to make the most of our innovative app?

Here's a quick guide to the basic functions:



Hum A Hit provides users with a friendly audio playback experience, designed with a clean and simple UI. Key functions are arranged across the top menu bar, through which users can easily control playback options. Users have also been provided with single track controls when across multiple tracks.


Panning allows users to position the sound of instruments, left and right, in a song's stereo space. Users can architect the song according to where they want to be as a musician; it then becomes much easier to position instruments in your mix, bringing depth, focus, and clarity to all your recordings.

Tempo Control

Hum A Hit supports precise tempo control, allowing users to speed up or slow down the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of the project they are currently working on.


Multiple Instruments

Select from a number of instruments to use for your projects ranging from 2 guitars, bass, 2 synths, piano and a mic mode. Combine multiple instruments across tracks to further enhance your ideas!

Multi Track

Hum A Hit's innovative multi track support provides users with endless track mixing opportunities. By combing various instruments users can add a high level of depth to their music concepts, moving and mixing various tracks until the sound is just right!

Note Playback

Transpose your musical ideas and see them played back on a piano at the single touch of a button. Our proprietary music note detection engine brings ideas to life, making our app something much more than a fun tool. Hum A Hit exposes users to musical theory providing them with the opportunity to expand their musical knowledge while having fun! Please be sure to hum in tune as this will produce the best results.


Before proceeding with any recording, users will have access to a metronome which provides a precise rhythm optimally oriented to begin work on elaborate musical projects.

Additional Options

Users can quickly access the additional options screen, allowing them to start new projects, load and edit previous songs they have worked. Also with Hum A Hit's easy to use export system, users can easily share their compositions with friends as mp3 or xml files or send ideas directly to compatible programs and continue work across other platforms.

Note Detection Sensitivity

For the most accurate results, please adjust the note detection threshold level within the app's settings menu. Ensuring only your humming is above the note detection level will decrease the negative impact of background noise and ensure the accuracy of your musical recordings.


Whilst we appreciate everyone has a different humming style, in order to make the most of our ground breaking application we found that a percussive or "ba/da" sounds allows for clearer input which in turn allows for much more accurate results. We also recommend using a set of headphones and a microphone with our product to achieve the best possible results.

Exporting Files

Hum A Hit has been developed to work with a number of music editing programs, MuseScore in particular is a free open source program which will help you create beautiful music with Hum A Hit. Whether you are an experienced user of other notation programs like Finale or Sibelius, or a newcomer to the world of music notation programs, MuseScore has the tools you need to make your music look as good as it sounds.

MuseScore works perfectly with our app as it has been developed to import and export MIDI and MusicXML files, and also import from Capella and several other programs. MuseScore can export to PDF, PNG, and other graphic formats, to WAV and other audio formats.

Please watch the following video, which demonstrates how to import music from your Hum A HIt app to MuseScore.

Editing Software

A full list of compatible programs includes: MakeMusic, including Finale, PrintMusic, Songwriter, Finale NotePad; Sibelius; Steinberg, including Logic, Cubase and Nuendo; Myriad, including Music Plug-in for web, Mac QuickLook plug-in, , Harmony Assistant, Melody Assistant, and Melody Player; Leading music scanning programs,SmartScore, PhotoScore, SharpEye Music Reader, capella-scan, ScoreMaker FX4, and Audiveris. Tablature editors, including Guitar Pro, Progression, TablEdit, TaBazar, and TuxGuitar; Capella, Encore, Lime, LilyPond, MuseScore, Noteflight, PriMus, and Scorio. iOS notation programs Symphony Pro, Notion, SeeScore, Maestro, and pocketscore; Sheet music sales systems Legato Sheet Music Viewer.

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