Your Music Sketchbook

Struggling to remember and keep track of your musical ideas and melodies? With Hum A Hit you will never forget a musical idea ever again. Simply hum to save your ideas as they come to you and revisit them when you are ready to finish your masterpiece


Musicians have been using the voice as an instrument to express and capture musical ideas for generations, from the great composers of old humming melodies to memorize them to the modern day musician using voice recorders and other technology to help store those passing moments of brilliance before they slip away. Understanding how important it is for producers and budding musicians to be able to record free flowing ideas on the go we teamed up with Pocket App to develop Hum A Hit...a dictaphone for musical ideas. Our product allows you to record your concepts and melodies by using your voice, simply choose an instrument, hit record and hum to hear your ideas come to life!

Hum a Hit is now available to download from the Apple Store, with the early beta version being made available in response to continued high levels of interest from the public, however we at New Wave Applications realize further development is needed in order to improve the overall functionality of the app so we aim to raise funds to further develop the main pitch detection engine, which is currently approximately 80% accurate.

The application is far from complete and various additional updates and improvements are planned for the app as the number of downloads rises. We therefore encourage you to be an active part of Hum A Hit's development and to help expand its capabilities by making a download from the App Store, in order to make this the most powerful voice-controlled music software on the market.

For a limited time only, early adopters will be able to download the app for just £1, as opposed to the standard price of £2.99, and the funds raised by the downloads will be directly used to drive the development process.

The Musicians Dictaphone


Moments of inspiration are fleeting as every musician knows and can hit you anywhere at any time, Hum A Hit allows you to capture those moments quickly and intuitively ensuring that you will never lose the essence of another brilliant idea again... wherever you may be!


The human voice is a complex tool and with this brings many technological challenges and limitations despite this we have been working on improving our detection algorithm over many years, whilst its still not perfect we see this a continual work in progress, we will keep striving to achieve the highest standards in accurate music detection providing you with a product that truly represents your musical ideas.


Hum A Hit is the first voice to music notation Application that features a multitrack sequencer allowing users to combine multiple melodies and produce elaborate musical concepts.

Previously not available on any music notation apps, Hum A Hit's multitrack algorhythm goes way beyond what you thought was possible in a portable recording application.

Note Playback

This feature is for anyone wanting to learn how to play the melodies and tunes they have hummed, eg hum happy birthday into the app and the note playback function will transpose the notes you hum onto a piano keyboard and play the tune back to you exposing you to basic music theory.

Exporting Files

With Hum A Hit's easy to use export system, users can easily share their compositions with friends as mp3 files or send ideas directly to compatible programs and continue work across other platforms.

Compatible programs include: Cubase, Logic, MakeMusic, Sibelius, Steinberg, Myriad, SmartScore, PhotoScore, Guitar Pro and many more!

Additional Features